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LG bird insurance provides comprehensive cover for birds, so whether you own a small, exotic bird or a bird of prey we have a bird insurance policy that will suit you.

  • 10% multi bird discount
  • Up to £3,500 vet’s fees cover
  • Cover for theft, personal accident and public liability also available
  • Optional ‘non-return’ benefit for birds of prey
  • Cover for aviaries, bird-rooms and equipment


It is an unfortunate fact that the number of bird thefts is on the increase. More countries have been signing up to the Convention on International Trade, which makes it illegal to remove many birds from the wild, and this has resulted in the most ordinary parrot being worth £500 on the black market. Unfortunately because of this law, criminals are stealing birds to order, causing huge emotional and financial strain and upset.

Bird insurance from LG gives you a choice of plans that can include cover for death, theft, personal accident, public liability and comprehensive veterinary fees treatment, plus a lot more.